Leaf removal notice

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Info and regulations regarding leaf removal in ashbrook yards.

It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain, keep the grass cut and leaves removed, from their lot including the front edge of their lot even though it may have a VDOT or County easement there. 

Please do not blow leaves into any drainage ditch in front of your house—this is in violation of the Ashbrook Recorded Documents, and is also in violation of the County Code as the ditch is part of the community storm drainage system. Violators will be written up and also referred to the County Storm Drainage Dept. 

Please do not blow leaves into the street. This is in violation of VDOT rules and County Storm Drainage rules. Violators will be written up, and VDOT notified. 

Please do not blow leaves, or put brush, limbs, or shrub trimmings in any common area, including the walking path areas. Also, please do not dump your leaves over your back fence into the walking path areas. 

It is not the responsibility of our landscape contractor to dispose of your debris. Most of the trash companies will pick up a certain amount of leaf bags each week, and if not there are many small companies who will come by your house and pick up the bags for a fee. 

Please respect our Community Regulations and your neighbors by cooperating with us regarding Fall clean-up.