Dog Waste Stations

The Ashbrook Buildings/Grounds Committee had research done on a project to install several dog waste stations in the community. At the January 12, 2021 Board meeting the project was discussed and approved. Initially we will be purchasing and installing 6 stations, each having a waste container and a plastic bag dispenser. The company Doody Calls will be installing the stations and will service them once each week emptying the waste containers and replenishing the new bags. 

The locations of the waste stations on the walking paths are as follows:

One near each end of the entrance to the long walking path running from Shady Banks Drive to Featherchase Drive (goes behind some of the houses on Featherchase Drive, Featherchase Court, Featherchase Terrace, and Winding Ash Drive); 

One near the entrance of the walking path at Shady Banks Drive that goes over toward the main playground area; 

One at the other end of the above path near the cove and the Community Center parking lot; 

One near the T where the walking path that starts across from Midship Woods Court intersects with the long path that runs behind houses on Broadreach Drive and Offshore Drive; 

One near the small playground at the far end of Offshore Drive, across the street from the playground where another walking path starts (corner of Offshore Drive and Breaker Point Rd). 


We are respectfully asking all dog owners to stop using the regular trash can at the entrance to the totlot/playground for their dog waste bags. PLEASE RESPECT our concerns for the health and safety of our children who play in that playground. They do not need to be that close to a can full of dog waste.

Each of these locations is marked with a white paint circle and a small white flag. 

If you have any questions or comments please send them via email to Christopher Bertsch , our Community Manager, at ACS West (Ashbrook’s Management Company), at, and he will route them to the appropriate person. Or call 804-282-7451.