Upcoming Dominion power project in Ashbrook

Good morning,
John Lawson, ACA President, asked me to be the liaison for information from Dominion Power regarding their upcoming project to change overhead lines to underground lines feeding Ashbrook and other communities. According to Dominion this project will increase the reliability of the electrical service and eliminate problems of trees falling into the lines and causing power outages in Ashbrook. This will also change the source of power to Ashbrook to the sub-station on Winterpock Road which is closer to Ashbrook than the present source.
The new underground line will be run from where the TaeKwonDo building is at at Ashlake Pkwy/Ashbrook Pkwy, along Ashbrook Pkwy on our side of the road. They have placed survey stakes over the easement where the lines will be buried. The line will run through the tree area at the corner of Ashbrook Pkwy/Offshore, across the grass area, then through the tree area, across the soccer field and through the next tree area to almost the corner at Shady Banks Drive. It will then go under the road and along the corral driveway, through the corral, and through the woods to Hull St.
In the next few days the tree removal contractor will be working in there clearing about a 20′ wide path through the woods where the line will be going.
Also, when they get ready to run the line through the corral, probably every tenant will have to move their rig out of there for several days, but we will let the tenants know more as we find out more, and find out how much room they will need for their equipment.
Don MacQueen
Representative, ACS West Inc.