Finance and Audit

Finance and Audit


Our mission is to create a fiscally responsible and sustainable budget that serves the needs and interests of our community. We strive to allocate resources wisely, maintain and improve our shared property, and enhance our residents’ quality of life. Our budget reflects our commitment to transparency, accountability, and fairness, and we seek to involve our members in the budgeting process whenever possible. We aim to balance our short-term needs with our long-term goals, and to anticipate and plan for future challenges and opportunities. Through careful planning and prudent management, we will ensure the financial health and vitality of our community for years to come.

Budget Committee

  • Terry Guthrie – Chairperson 
  • David Georgy –  Co-chairperson 
  • William Ruitenberg 
  • Eileen Hume
  • Shannon Cobb

2023 Budget

Coming soon