Ashbrook Safety Notice

Quality Landscape Solutions will be in the large playground/recreation area on Ashbrook Parkway next week, Jan 30 -Feb 3, or as soon as weather permits. They will be limbing up all the trees in the playground equipment/totlot area, as well as removing brush and elevating the trees around the perimeter of that entire area and the treeline behind the dam up to the spillway bridge.
For their safety, we ask that you please do not let your children use that playground or get around the company’s equipment, trucks, or workers while this nearby operation is ongoing.
This project is being done primarily to allow more visibility into the woods and hopefully make the area safer for anyone using the recreation areas. This was one of the projects that was recommended by the Chesterfield Police when they did a safety survey of Ashbrook.
Ashbrook Safety/Security Committee
Ashbrook Buildings/Grounds Committee
Ashbrook Board of Directors