Architectural Review Committee

This committee is composed of 3 persons appointed by the Board of Directors. Their duty is to review the plans and proposals by owners who want to alter or improve their property or the exterior of their home, and to make sure that it complies with our Documents and Architectural Requirements and Guidelines.

The committee meets at 6:15 P.M. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Community Center.

Application forms to be used to request approval for projects can be obtained on this page.

Architectural Review Board Chairperson
Jo Ann Ruitenberg

Please Note!

Almost all exterior alterations and additions must first be approved by the Architectural Review Board.
See your Disclosure Package/Rules and Regulations Book for Details.

When the ARC committee was formed back in 1992 a ruling was put in place stating that all sheds could not be larger than 10’ by 12’ in size. With some recent requests asking for special consideration allowing for sheds larger in size. After much discussion a motion was made by Don MacQueen that Item 30.6 in the bylaws be changed to read “The limitations as to the size of the storage building will be considered by the ARC on a case by case basis.” Second by: William, Motion carried.

WRITTEN ARC approval is required for construction or installation of all fencing whether it be of plantings, wood, or man-made materials. THERE ARE NO AUTOMATIC, IMPLIED, OR VERBAL APPROVALS!!

The preservation of natural features and the feeling of openness contribute greatly to Ashbrook’s difference from typical developments. The purpose of these guidelines is to provide each residential lot with the atmosphere of a large open area. The street side of every home is, visually, more or less public. In addition, many back yards are also visually public when related to open space or roadways. Fencing, when carelessly placed, encroaches on this feeling of openness.

  1. Fencing will not be allowed to come further forward than the backline of the house unless under extremely extraordinary circumstances. Please also see Ashbrook Recorded Documents Book 4003, page 591, Paragraph 4.
  2. Front yard fencing is NOT ALLOWED. Rear yard fencing which will in effect create front yard fencing for a neighbor is not allowed.
  3. The Architectural Review Committee shall not approve chain link, wire, or wire with head type fences. Privacy fencing is not allowed. On all picket style, 3- board style, or 4- board style fences, the posts and/or nailers have to be on the inside of the fence.
  4. All fences shall be no higher than 72 inches. Fences in excess of 48 inches must be of shadowbox construction. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. Fences shall be a color matching or compatible with, in the ARC’s opinion, the dominant color of the residence or be left in a natural wood color. If fencing is already constructed on the property, additional proposed fencing must be of the same material, color, and style as the existing fence.
  6. Gates shall match the fence in material, color, style, and height.
  7. All fencing shall be constructed entirely on applicant’s property, NOT ON THE PROPERTY LINE . Fencing must be erected so that maintenance of said fence can be effected without encroaching on adjacent properties.


The following must be submitted to the ARC along with the completed application:

  1. A description of the fence style, material, color and dimensions, including the architectural style and color of the house and trim, and types and colors of other fences in the immediate area, must accompany the application.
  2. A site plan showing the location of the fence and the relationship of the proposed fence and gates to adjacent dwellings and properties.