"We request your input on Social Committee Events for 2018".

The Ashbrook Social/Recreation Committee is putting together the Event Calendar for this coming year.
We have some various new events we are considering and would like input from the residents before we make final decisions.
Please email your comments to ashbrookinfo@verizon.net.

1) We have a Spring Community Yard Sale each year. This past year we also had a Fall Yard Sale.
Should be have another Fall Yard Sale this year?

2) We had a Teen Party Night last Spring. Then in the Fall we added in an Elementary School
Students Party earlier on the Teen Party Night.
This year we are considering having both the Spring and Fall Party set up with Elementary
School Students Party from 5-7 P.M and Teen Party from 7:30-9:30 P.M.

3) We are considering having a Family Ice Cream "choose your toppings" Sundae Social on a
Summer Saturday from 2-4 with Hugs the Clown doing Facepainting.

4) We are considering have a Bunco Game, Card Game, or Board Games night for adults.

5) We are considering having the Fall Picnic as an Octoberfest with German food rather than the standard BBQ.

6) We have had some requests to reinstitute the Easter Egg Hunt Party with photos with the
Easter Bunny. We stopped having that because there were no parents who volunteered to help
with this big event, and the few members of the Social Committee and Board had to do all the
work every year. If there are enough parents and younger folks who will help we will
consider having it again this year.

Thanks, and we look forward to your responses.
Ashbrook Social/Recreation Committee.

FYI: Winterpock Road Widening Project

The project involves widening Winterpock Road from two to four lanes from Hull Street Road (Rt. 360) to 0.38 mile south of Royal Birkdale Parkway. The project includes curb and gutter to replace roadside ditches, storm water management ponds, raised median with turn lanes, dual left turn lanes on Winterpock Road at Hull Street Road, a roundabout on Winterpock Road at the intersection of McEnnally Drive/Ashbrook Parkway and a multiuse trail.

In addition to the public hearing, information about the project is available from Chesterfield County’s Transportation Department located at 9800 Government Center Parkway, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832, (804) 748-1037 or TDD/TTY 711; please call ahead to ensure that the appropriate personnel are available to answer your questions. The updated project plans can be viewed at the Winterpock Road Widening webpage found at www.chesterfield.gov/roadprojects.


If you have had trouble signing up on the webpage or not getting Ashbrook emails after signing up, please send your name and email to ashbrookinfo@verizon.net and we will get you on the list. Apparently there has been a problem for some time that we were not aware of, and it may take a while to get it fixed.
Thanks, Ashbrook Webpage Administrator

Check out the two new cornhole bag-toss games set up and ready to be used.
They are in the Community Center recreation area near the lower basketball court.
Bring your own bag set and your family and enjoy!

Ashbrook Online is an information resource for the Ashbrook community and surrounding areas.
Here you can find information on what's happening in and around our community and have valuable resources available right
at your fingertips

Welcome to Ashbrook!

At the Ashbrook Board of Directors Meeting on Tuesday, October 10, a motion was made and unanimously
approved to keep the ACA Annual Dues at $220. for Fiscal Year 2018.

In 2005 the Annual Dues was $200.
In 2006 the Annual Dues was raised 10% to $220.
In 2007 the Annual Dues was again raised 10% to $242.

With the election of new Board Members we were able to hold the dues at that level through 2009.
Then, due to our solvent financial condition, in February 2010 the Board was able to roll the dues back to the 2006 level of $220 per year.
We have not had an increase since that time.

Your Ashbrook Board of Directors

Ashbrook Budget for 2018
Each year in September and October our Committees meet and go over their needs and plans for the upcoming year, and submit their recommended budgets to the Finance & Audit Committee. Then in early October the F&A Committee meets and reviews those numbers and comes up with the Proposed Budget for the next fiscal year. At the October 10, 2017, Board Meeting the Finance & Audit Committee presented the recommended Fiscal Year 2018 Budget to the Board. It was unanimously approved.
Click here to view documents.


Driving Directions
Our Address for directional purposes ONLY is
7510 Offshore Drive, Chesterfield Va 23832

Our management company is ACS West.

Contact Information & Disclosure Package Requests

ACS West, Inc. Suite 100
Lee Ann King
P.O. Box 11361
Richmond, VA 23230

Phone: 282-7451
Fax: 282-9590
email: leeann@acswest.org

Community location
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Currently out of 711 homes we have only 300 on the distribution list.
 It is very important that we have a way of quickly getting important and sometimes critical information out to everyone in the neighborhood.
If you are not on this list, please scroll down this page and you can sign up.
If you are an absentee owner, please make your tenants aware of this opportunity to keep up with information they may need.
If you are currently on the list, please talk it up to your neighbors who may not be on it.
A lost or found pet, info regarding suspicious persons, break-ins and vandalism, changes in meetings or events, info from the County Police Neighborhood Watch, info regarding our playgrounds and amenities, or any other items that may be helpful, are posted in these emails.

Take this one easy step to make yourself  more aware of what is going on around you. Thanks.

To sign up for the Ashbrook Mailing List please email your request to ashbrookinfo@verizon.net.

Due to the large amount of trash that gets blown around the community from the small topless bins on recycling days, the Board has appropriated funds to provide a 32 gallon wheeled container with a top to anyone who wants one at no charge. This program is going on right now, so if you would like one of these cans please send in your request with address and phone # to ashbrookinfo@verizon.net and we will get you on the next order. We have volunteers who will prepare the can and deliver it to your home.

To All Lakeside Residents and Others Who May Have Heard From FEMA:

If you have been contacted either by FEMA or your mortgage company regarding flood insurance, you may need to have a professional elevation survey done on your property to prove that you should not have to purchase the required Flood Insurance. This upcoming subject was explained and discussed, and questions answered, by Mr. McElfish, Chesterfield Director of Environmental Engineering, at the Community Meeting he had with us last year at our Community Center- if you recall, flyers were put out advertising this meeting to all lakefront owners and notice of the meeting was posted on the website. Please contact Sue Herr at phone number 804-330-7755 or 804-384-8823 in reference to her trying to secure a group discount on the cost of the survey, if you are interested in that. You can also reach her by e-mail at s.herr7722@verizon.net . Most mortgage companies are only allowing a 30 day turnaround time from notification to your securing an actual flood insurance policy, so you must act quickly.


Wm. Megginson
ACA President


The meetings of the ARC will be held on the 2nd Tuesday each month at 6:15 pm.

At the board meeting on July 13, 2010, the Fence Regulations were approved for all future ARC applications for fence installations.
Please click here to view the new regulations..

Adopted at the Jan. 12, 2010, Board Meeting and effective immediately:
Ashbrook Architectural Standards and Guidelines, Section 21, Mailboxes.
Mailboxes will be standard size black metal or vinyl, not of ornate design.
Mailbox posts will be standard design, not ornate, constructed of white vinyl, or wood painted white or left natural.
Click here for photos of approved styles and colors.

The following change to the Architectural Standards and Guidelines, Section 7- Decks, was approved by the Board at the Feb. 9,2010, Board Meeting, effective immediately.
7 Decks
Written ARC approval is required for all decks.
The following guidelines shall apply to the construction of decks:
Note: Chesterfield County requires a building permit for the installation of a deck.

7.1  Decks shall be constructed of pressure-treated wood,or deck-specific composite materials.
Railing components shall be constructed of pressure-treated wood, railing-specific composites, or vinyl.

7.2  The color of the deck and components must match or be compatible, in the ARC's opinion, with the primary color of the exterior of the house, or be a natural wood color.
Color samples for the proposed deck and components must be submitted with the application.

7.3  In addition to the above, decks will be considered on their individual merits which include, but are not limited to, location, size,
conformity to design of the house, relationship to neighboring dwellings, and proposed usage.

7.4  If the underside of the deck is going to be used for any type of storage, it must comply with Ashbrook Recorded Documents, Part IV, Section 3,
and you must get ARC approval for the installation of the screening material.
The Application Requirements for Decks: will remain as they are in the 3/1/92 approved Standard."

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