This committee develops our annual budget after gathering and reviewing the upcoming year's needs of the various committees and by doing projections of the expected income and other expenses.

The committee also acts as a “watchdog” over our financial operations and gets copies of our monthly income/expense statements, banking statements, and checks written, as well as a copy of the CPA's annual audit report, and copies of the monthly delinquency and collection attorney reports.

For added financial security, they also receive copies of purchase order and reimbursement requests, and this coupled with our policy of requiring dual approval of those forms and dual check signatures is designed to watch over all expenditures.

The committee meets on an as-needed basis, usually only once or twice a year. If you would like to be on this committee, please contact the Chairperson, Angela Day.

Finance and Audit
Angela Day

Ashbrook Budget for 2018
Each year in September and October our Committees meet and go over their needs and plans for the upcoming year, and submit their recommended budgets to the Finance & Audit Committee. Then in early October the F&A Committee meets and reviews those numbers and comes up with the Proposed Budget for the next fiscal year. At the October 10, 2017, Board Meeting the Finance & Audit Committee presented the recommended Fiscal Year 2018 Budget to the Board. It was unanimously approved.
Click here for the 2018 Budget in Excel format.

Click here for the 2018 Budget Details and Assumptions.

The following is a list of downloadable forms available for members to use.
These are in either Excel or Word format. You will need to download and open in your own applications.

Ashbrook Expense Policy (Word doc 35kb)

Expense Reimbursement Form (Excel file 66 kb)

Ashbrook Purchase Order (Word doc 79 kb)