Community Center Rental

The Ashbrook Community Center is available for rental by Ashbrook residents who are members- in -good-standing of the Ashbrook Community Association. The daily rental fee is $75 payable by money order only, with a security deposit of $150 cash. For details and to reserve, please call Wm Megginson at 804-241-8262 or email: To check availability go to Community Calendar.

Community Calendar

Community Center Reservation Rules
Download Reservation Rules in PDF format

General Rules— Failure to follow these rules forfeits your security deposit !

1.) Community center hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to midnight.

2.) Smoking is prohibited everywhere within the clubhouse.

3.) NO band, DJ, or outside music allowed. Excessive noise is prohibited in and around the clubhouse.

4.) The community center MAY NOT be used for commercial business purposes.

5.) At NO time will unsupervised minors be allowed to use the clubhouse.

6.) Maximum occupancy rate is 45 people. Do not exceed maximum capacity.

7.) Unpaid balances on your HOA account prohibits community center use!

8.) There is no parking in front of the community center. You can pull up there to load and unload supplies but then must park in the parking lot.

9.) Cleaning of the community center must be done by the end of the rental period.

10.) Do not attach anything to the walls- No tape, tacks, stickpins, etc.

Rules and Procedures for Private Use

1.) To reserve the community center for private use. There is a non-refundable user fee of $75.00 payable by money order only, and made out directly to Ashbrook Community Association.

2.) There is an additional one hundred fifty dollar ($150.00) cash only security deposit which is refundable within five business days following satisfactory assessment, and depending on the condition in which you leave the community center at the conclusion of your reservation period.

3.) Fees are due five (5) business days after making a reservation. If fees are not received within five (5) business days, your reservation will be cancelled. If more than one person wants to reserve the community center for the same day, the reservation will go to the person who gets their fees in first, unless reservation times can allow for more than one party.

4.) You must sign this contractual form when you make your reservation. Your signature indicates full acceptance of responsibility for the clubhouse and its furnishings while it is under your control.

5.) Upon entering the community center, you should inspect for any previous damage. If there is any damage, you must report it to the community center custodian immediately . Otherwise, we will assume the damage occurred during your reservation time and your security deposit will be forfeited.

6.) When you have finished using the community center, please clean it; bathrooms need to be cleaned and all trash should be removed from the Ashbrook premises. The toilets and sinks should also be cleaned out with cleaners. Kitchen needs to be swept, mopped, and all trash removed from Ashbrook premises . The refrigerator and freezer should be emptied and wiped out with cleaner along with the microwave, counter, and sink. Any spills, tears or stains should be cleaned, repaired, and reported to the clubhouse custodian. Vacuum the carpet! Any spills should be soaked up until dry. Stains should be removed with cleaner. Any tears or pulls in carpet need to be repaired. Report all damage.

*All cleaning supplies are provided; therefore, it is mandatory that you clean thoroughly . A refund of the deposit requires the clubhouse to be fully restored to its original condition .

7.) Return thermostat setting to off position in the summer, and turn thermostat all the way down in the winter.

8.) Check outside and around the clubhouse to ensure that all trash has been picked up and is taken off premises with you.

9.) You are to arrive at the community center promptly at the time scheduled to pick up the key and go over community center rules and procedures. If not, your party will be cancelled and your rental fee will be forfeited.

10.) Once you have possession of the key, you are responsible for the community center and all of its belongings until the key has been returned.

11.) The key is to be returned promptly after your party to the community center attendant or the designated representative so that a timely assessment of the facility may be conducted.

12.) Make sure all doors and windows are locked. If left unlocked and damage occurs, you are held responsible and your security deposit will not be returned and you will be held accountable for the additional expense.

13.) Violation of any of these rules may lead to suspension of community center privileges, as well as restitution for damages if in excess of the security deposit.